Join the numbers and get to be GENERAL!

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How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same rank touch, they get promoted!

Tile Legend:

Some information about Military Rank

The military rank, also called rank is a system hierarchical to establish the chain of command used in military, police and other armed or uniformed organizations. The term "rank" comes from the ancient French Ranc meaning "line", which was borrowed from Germanic dialect and allied with English ring. In the modern armed forces, the use of ranks is almost universal. Countries Communists have a rank that is sometimes eliminated (for example, the Red Army of the Soviet from 1918 to 1935, People's Liberation Army of China from 1965 to 1988, and the Army of Albania from 1966 to 1991), just to hold it back after encountering operational difficulties of command and control.

2048 Army - About this game

This is the army version of famous video game 2048. In this game you have to move the tiles with arrow keys or swipe if you are playing on mobile, if two tiles of the same rank match, you will get promoted. And similarly you will get higher rank as many times as you match the same rank tiles. So what are you waiting for, start playing video games of this free army version of 2048 and make your high rank. If you liked this game, then share this game with your friends on social media, below is sharable link.