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Internet Tools

In order to do our daily work on the Internet, we need many tools, which we often search on Google, even if you bookmark this post, you have to open them separately each time. On DailyToolz.com, many tools are given together, which can be very useful for you. Explore thousands of free web tools to simplify your web life.

CSS3 Tools

CSS is a formal language for describing the appearance of a document written using a markup language. It is mainly used as a means of describing, designing the appearance of web pages written using HTML and XHTML markup languages, but can also be applied to any XML documents, for example, SVG or XUL. We want the coding burden on the Front-End and Back-End Developer to be reduced a bit. Therefore, here we have brought some CSS tools which are useful in daily development. And you will find all the tools of CSS3 in one place.

Fun Games

Take a little time for yourself from your run-of-the-mill life and play some of the world's most chosen and best games. These games made in CSS, HTML and JavaScript are light and fast loading games which are also mobile friendly. Here you will find famous games of 80s and 90s, which you will definitely feel relieved by playing.

Math Tools

Mathematics is a group of disciplines that study numbers, quantities, forms and their mutual relationships, properties, nature, etc. Mathematics is an abstract and deductive system. There are many branches of mathematics: arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, algebra, calculus, etc. We are providing such tools which are very helpful for students and teachers.