2048 Cube Winner

Merging Cubes Game

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How to play: Free to aim and shoot, clear the board, try to make 2048. Trust me, you'll love with it.

2048 Games, Oh you really like them. So here is the List of 2048 game variants you can give a try and yes it is interesting.

About this game

This is a fun game that can be played by people of all ages. This is the web version of Android App 2048 Cube Winner - Aim To Win Diamond. You don't need to hack, search and download apk to play this game or you don't even need to think that 2048 cube winner game is real or fake, we are not going into that, just play unlimited and enjoy this unblocked fun game, and of course it's free.

How to play?

Aim at the target with your cube, merge with cubes of the same number, and do this until you get a cube with the number 2048.

Actual 2048 Game

2048 is an online game created in March 2014 by 19 year old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. Players are required to combine certain numbered squares to form the final result of 2048. This game can be considered a sliding block puzzle and is very similar to the Threes game app! which was released a month earlier. Cirulli made this game in just one weekend to test if he could program a game from scratch. He admitted that he imitated the Veewo Studios 1024 application and got the idea from Sami "Saming" Romdhana's 2048. The game is free, and Cirulli doesn't want to profit from it. He released his free app for iOS and Android in May 2014.

2048 is played on a 4├Ś4 gray board. There are several boxes with different colors that shift when the player presses the three directional keys on the keyboard (left, right and down) or swipe on mobile devices. The box can move as far as possible until it meets another square or the edge of the board. If two squares with the same number join when shifted, they will merge and produce a new box whose number is the result of the sum of the numbers in the two merged squares. Player wins when a square numbered 2048 appears on the board.