Bubble Merge 2048

Merge same number, make combo and get points!!

How to play: Slide bubble on the board and try to form with the same number. Play Unlimited and try to score as many points as you can.

2048 Games, Oh you really like them. So here is the List of 2048 game variants you can give a try and yes it is interesting.

About Bubble Merge 2048 Game

Bubble Merge 2048 is a popular 2048 game played in the US and around the world and you can play and enjoy on dailytoolz.com for free and unlimited. The game is unblocked. This puzzle game is powered by HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technology to run seamlessly in all modern web browsers, mobile browsers, phone like Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows PC.

2048 Merge is a number game in which you need to create the magic number of 2048 to to take advantage in the current level. You must have two of the same tiles next to each other to merge them together.

Bubble Merge 2048 is a match game, the game is based on moving two adjacent block from among several on the game board, to form a row or column of at least 2 block of the same number. 2 identical adjacent numbers will merge and you will get points.

The sweetest puzzle game! Just slide, match & merge block to earn points! You have to match the number in a row or a column. You get swipe chances as a reward for excellent play. You can use swipe chance by dropping the number you don't want. It's on the bottom left of the game.

Ready for the challenge! Can you beat the levels and make the biggest score?