Flappy Bird Game

How to play?

The player controls a bird trying to fly between rows of green pipes without touching them. The scene is moving laterally.

The object of the game is to make a bird fly while avoiding obstacles (tubes). The bird is held in the air by tapping the screen. For each tube that the bird passes, the player receives a point. When the bird hits a tube, the bird crashes and the game is over. The simple graphics and tubes make Super Mario Bros. 3 thinking.

How to start?

Tap to screen or press space or click left mouse button to start, press "M" to mute sound.

About the original Flappy Bird Video Game

Flappy Bird is a mobile app developed by Hanoi Nguyễn Hà Đông (Dong Nguyen) and published by the Vietnamese GEARS Studios. It originally appeared for the iPhone 5 in May 2013, but suddenly became popular after a minor update in September of that year. In January 2014, the game topped the US and Chinese lists of most downloaded free apps.

The game was removed from the Google Play Store and the App Store by the developer on February 9. This was announced on February 8 via a tweet from the developer "Sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, Flappy Bird will be taken down. I can't take this anymore." The developer says that he cannot handle the attention of the global media. He later says in a conversation with Forbes (magazine) that he removed it because it would be too addictive. It was supposed to be relaxation in a few minutes of free time, but Dong Nguyen saw that it was very addictive. The removal of the game, according to the maker, had nothing to do with legal reasons.

After the game was removed, clones of Flappy Bird appeared with names like Flappy Plane, Flappy Whale, Flappy Angry Bird. iPhone's where the app was installed were also offered directly on the eBay auction site. Some asked $90-100,000 for these phones. However, eBay quickly intervened in this by clearly describing in the terms and conditions that all content, including Flappy Bird, must be removed from an offered smartphone or tablet.

The main character of the game with the nuances of this 8-bit graphic is a bird. How to play Flappy Bird is enough to tap your finger on the screen to make the bird fly. Not just just flying, but the challenge here is to keep the bird from crashing into the green pipes by flying through the gaps. Players will get a score of 1 (one) if they make it through one pipe. If the time when tapping on the screen is not right, it can cause the bird to hit the pipe and eventually have to repeat the game from the beginning.